Say Hello to Mini!


They say dogs are men best friends. There are moments when you know a puppy would bring light into your life. This happened to me when me mom showed up the other day holding in her arms the cutest brown and black puppy. I must admit that i couldn’t even react when I saw her. I was so happy that i didn’t know what to do. But my face was covered in a enormous smile and a warm feeling appeared in my heart.

My petite doggy is a Pekingese female, a 2 months doll who loves to run, play, bite and to wake me up early in the  morning. Besides, she loves the freedom to pee everywhere she things is suitable (this is something most people hate about dogs, but once you want to have one for yourself this is one of your responsibilities). Her face is so adorable when she looks at me with those big black eyes and i cannot do anything more than love her. I must admit that the house looks so full now, even with this tinny, little puppy who leaves her toys everywhere. Few years ago i had another dog, Pufi, which i raised since little but unfortunately he disappeared. It was a moment of sadness for my entire family, a reason why I couldn’t think about having another dog for a while. But life always finds the perfect moment to bring you back the joy and happiness through a pet. This is my moment and I am so thankful to my mom for this surprise. I want to share with you some pics of Mini to see how cute is she. I am sure you will love her! 🙂





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