Unzipped Fashion Show

Unzipped Fashion Show

Earlier this week, I had the challenge to participate at the Unzipped Fashion Show, held at Ramada Hotel, Pitesti. What it most attracted me at this event, was the unique concept of the fashion show with an exclusivist number of participants. All the clothes were exposed around the room and the participants had the opportunity to try on their favorite type of clothing. Moreover, if anyone got in love with an item, she could buy it on the spot or order it for later. Once I arrived there with my mom, we were given a warm welcome by Lavinia Nastase, showing us the most wanted items. While my mom was enjoying a glass of champagne and a nice chat with the other invitees, I took some pics of the clothes around which you will see at the end of this post. The clothing style varied from day time to night time. My favorite items were the necklaces and the bags, perfect for a night out at a fancy club, reception or any other kind of event. The clothes were not really what I use to wear (too sparkling for my taste) but i am sure it can be adapted, depending on the type of event. If you like the pics and wish to see more of the Unzipped Fashion portfolio, go on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/unzippedfashion. Enjoy!

P.A.R.O.S.H. clothing

(the invitees wearing Unzipped fashion necklaces)

(the most wanted dress of the night, worn by the girls )

My mom 🙂


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