Sun, Sea, Food, History, Sicily

To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily, is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” Goethe

This quote perfectly describes my very recent trip to Sicily, Italy. Such a wonderful place rich in panoramic views, history and of course food! For those of you who plan a visit to Italy, Sicily is the place no one should escape from. Breathtaking views that will always remain in your memory such a tattoo. At least this is how I feel like. I felt in love with Taormina, Milazzo and Montalbano. The other places I have visited were great historic cities such as Catania and Messina but the chaotic traffic and the dirty streets made me wonder why the locals don’t appreciate what they have. Anyway, it was a fabulous experience to be one with Sicily for a week!

Together with my friend Carina and another family friends, we stayed at the beautiful Parco Augustus Hotel, located in the Terme Vigliatore village of Messina area. The first days of our trip we enjoyed the sun, the swimming pool and the sicilian food and wine. The best local wine I have tried was Nero d’Avola, a full bodied red wine often compared with Syrah. The days after we rent a car and went visiting. (be careful from which company you rent a car in Sicily, things may not work out as you think) I was so enchanted by the old village Montalbano, an ancient and the most picturesque town from Messina region. Walking along its small streets, i felt like i was living in the medieval age. I love historic cities and Montalbano is a town where you can imagine how life was in the early XIV century. This is what I did at least. The village is dominated by the Castello di Federico III D’Aragona, built to defend the territory.

Although I was sweating to death, Taormina impressed me so much through its panoramic views. Located on the east coast of the island, the city has became a very popular touristic destination since the XIX century. The old town is about 250 m above the sea and the views to Ionian Sea are fabulous. The town is full with bars, restaurants, shops and antique shops, churches and of course the Teatro Greco. (too bad i didn’t had the time to get inside the theatre) I am sure anyone that gets to Taormina will simply fall for the old city and its views.

We got to Catania and of couse i didn’t miss Piazza del Duomo e Fontana dell’Elefante. It is located right in the center of the city and the baroque buildings surround the squareThe Elephant Fountain rises from the center, being the symbol of the town. The Duomo dominates the square where its facade stands among Vaccarini’s masterpieces, who designed the most prestigious buildings. After visiting the old center we felt like shopping, and of course we got to Piaza Stesicorro which holds the Catania Bazar. You can find there anything you want, from clothes to antique stuff, from decoration objects to fresh food, all at a very convenient price. After buying some presents for the loved ones, we enjoyed a pizza margarita and some cold drinks on a terrace right next to the bazar.

I need to admit that if was a pretty difficult task to select the pictures I’ve took during this holiday. However, I hope you will enjoy it and book a ticket as soon as you can to beautiful Sicily. 🙂

(view from my hotel room)



(Duomo de Messina)




(Castello di Federico III d’Aragona)

(Castello di Brolo)


(Taormina panoramic view)

(Taormina streets)


(view to Ionian Sea)

(Taormina paintings)


(The Elephant Fountain, Catania)

(Piazza del Duomo, Catania)


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