Barasti Beach Fun


Dubai can be fun too! Especially if you spend the day out at the beach surrounded by friends. As we are in September already and the weather is getting better and better, I finally can say that I can spend the whole day out on the beach, enjoying the sun and the sea. Barasti Bar, located on the beach, is one of the best options to relax, have a few beers and do some swimming. Of course, be aware of the jellyfish! 🙂 I didn’t get bitten by any, but I have few friends which were not that lucky. So bear this in mind, once you go swimming.

If you are not the type to stay many hours in the sun, this bar also has shisha! So for those interested, this can be another way to relax and enjoy different shisha flavors. I can’t say, I am a big fan of smoking shisha, however it is worth trying. 🙂

Hopefully i have convinced you to step out of the house and just go to the beach and enjoy a nice, warm and relaxed day.








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