F1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi


It is true that I have promise this post to some of you for a while now, but due to my limited free time, I didn’t afford the luxury to start it… Long story short, the F1 experience in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, was beyond my expectations!!! Although I was sweating in a 37 degrees temperature and my ears were in pain due to the car noise, it worth it! If I would have the time I would repeat the experience tomorrow. I guess, you all see my excitement and bear in mind to book the tickets for the next year F1. The closing of the event on Friday was done by Kylie Minogue, which let me down a little. However, the crowd was amazing. The funny thing I experienced was when I tried to stay in line to get a beer from the bar and I received a bracelet mentioning that I have the allowed age to order any type of alcohol. I haven’t seen this procedure anywhere else so far and I thought it was just nice to share it with you.

Anyway, I took some pics of the F1, which i hope you will enjoy.



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