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Hi all,

2 weeks ago I went on a short trip around my beautiful country, Romania. It was a 5 days trip and I can honestly say that was one of the most green, cultural, relaxing and happiest gateways I had so far this year. Exploring my own country is something I always miss since I become an expat but it is definitely on my list every time I go back home. So here it is, day 1 itinerary of my trip.

From Pitesti, Arges county (my hometown) we went on the direction of Sighisoara but first stopped at Fundata to enjoy the beautiful landscape composed of Piatra Craiului Mountains and Bucegi Mountains. Breathtaking view. Second stop was Cetatea Rasnov (Rasnov Citadel). This citadel was build back in 1200 as a defence from outside invasions. As it was a very hot day we decided not to walk up to the citadel and took the touristic bus instead. Pretty lazy, i know! Third stop was Brasov where i had a nice lunch and a walk around Piata Sfatului. Must admit that I am fascinated every time I see the gothic style Black Church of Brasov. Further, on the way to Sighisoara the rain started but luckily it stopped once we arrived to the guesthouse of the night. Sighisoara was love at first sight and I can’t wait to be back!

I have taken too many pictures to collect them all in one post so today I will let you enjoy a bit of Transylvania : Rasnov Citadel, Brasov city and Medieval Sighisoara. More posts will follow about the remaining days of my trip so stay tuned if you are curious to see a green and full of history Romania.

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