Hello again!

Here are the pictures from my day 2 & 3 around Romania 🙂

After spending a night in beautiful Sighisoara, we were back on the road. First stop was at beautiful Alba Iulia Citadel following the journey of the seven gates. Loved the obelisk of Horea, Closca and Crisan. Further on the road, we had a quick stop at Deva Citadel however the skyline from the top of the hill was not that great as it was intensively raining. Finally, we arrived in Hunedoara, our stop for the night. Third day morning after breakfast we stopped at Corvin Castle. This was one of my favorite places during the trip. Build in a Gothic – Renaissance style, this is one of the largest castles of Romania and Europe. After walking the cold rooms and chambers of Corvin Castel, we continued our journey which the destination Timisoara. Sun was already up and we got to Timisoara during the evening time. Here we spent the night just a walk from the charming Opera Square.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and there is more to come soon!

_MG_7276_1024 copy

_MG_7284_1024 copy

_MG_7313_1024 copy

_MG_7348_1024 copy

_MG_7362_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7392_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7415_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7422_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7448_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7478_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7513_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7517_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7447_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7440_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7550_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7581_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7700_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7697_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7704_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7707_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7717_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7718_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7726_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7742_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7733_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7750_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7745_1024 copy

thumb__MG_7764_1024 copy


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