Christmas with beautiful people

Merry Christmas everyone! May your day be all wrapped up with cheer, joy and happiness!

Although this year i am far away from home and family, I am blessed to have around me beautiful friends. We had quite a celebration on Christmas Eve  and will let you enjoy a bit of our night in pictures.

thumb__MG_8306_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8098_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8109_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8139_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8151_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8161_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8210_1024 copy


thumb__MG_8157_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8213_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8215_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8218_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8262_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8317_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8323_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8322_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8357_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8359_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8331_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8373_1024 copy


thumb__MG_8402_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8095_1024 copy1

thumb__MG_8356_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8334_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8433_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8437_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8372_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8448_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8466_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8463_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8469_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8108_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8132_1024 copy

thumb__MG_8129_1024 copy


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