Dubai Water Canal and Safa Park

Hello lovelies! I am back to Dubai after my 1 week trip back home in Romania.

Since the weather in Dubai is now amazing, I was in the mood for some outdoors greenery, so I decided to check out the Safa Park after a very long time. I missed the entrance to Safa Park while driving and the GPS took me somewhere which it looked like a big sand parking just in front of Dubai Water Canal. I parked the car and could see the Safa Park across the pedestrian bridge, so I thought I’ll just cross over and reach Safa Park by foot. It was my first time checking out the Dubai Water Canal, so I took my time taking pictures of Business Bay view from every angle possible. Went down from the bridge and surprise! There was no connection whatsoever to Safa Park which was right in front of me. I even went around the construction site hoping to find an entrance to the park, but to my disappointment there was none. So went back to the car and finally got to Gate 2 of Safa Park and entered inside the park. Obviously, the park is much smaller than it used to be, but still crowded with families having barbecues everywhere.

It was enjoyable laying down on the grass while watching the sunset setting over the city. The orange colors of the sun were reflecting on Burj Klalifa, which remind me of the overwhelming feeling I had first time I arrived in Dubai, over 5 years ago. The sunset is my favorite part of the day, a moment I take for contemplation which at times is mixed with bits of melancholy, and always fills me with positive energy. I assume, it is one of those moments when you are thankful for the nature around you and more thankful for being part of it:)

I left some lovely photos for you, which I hope it will convince you to go out and chill at Safa Park. Where do you usually hang out outdoors in Dubai? I would love to hear some suggestions. 🙂

Till next time, have a great week ahead!








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  1. Looks like a great place to sit back and relax in Dubai! Some nice pictures you have posted here. What does mirona name mean? I love this name. 🙂

    1. Thanks Arv! My name doesn’t mean anything really, just a name, but my parents choose it after reading “Mirona’s Book” by Cella Serghi 🙂 if you are into reading I recommend it.

      1. OK. No Mirona, I haven’t read this book.

        To be honest you are the first Romanian blogger I have come across. Haven’t seen many bloggers from Romania. May be they blog in local language. 😃

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