Hey hey lovelies!

It is the festival season in Dubai and this weekend I went to Sole Dxb at Dubai Design District. This event is a shout-out to all sneakers lovers, street style, art and music lovers. In a word, anyone can fit there 🙂 It was actually my first time to attend it, and I loved it!

I went to the opening party on Thursday night, which was awesome, the Asian Japanese food they served was absolutely delicious and abundant, something I didn’t actually expect. We have tried most of their canapés, although I was already full from the burger I had previously, while watching Word is Bond, a film by Sacha Jenkins at the Cinema Akil stage.  The opening party got pretty crowded by 10:30 p.m. however this didn’t stop us from dancing non stop till around 1:30 a.m., when the bar ran out of drinks, and so we hurried to grab an Uber back home and avoid the taxi cue! :))

On Friday I was planning to reach Sole Dxb in the afternoon and catch some day light, however I left from Dubai Marina around 4:30 p.m., and I only got inside around 6:00 p.m. due to the traffic and the parking! Omg, the parking was completely packed. It was already dark outside and once, I got inside, guess what? It started raining! This was pretty funny, because everybody started running around looking for a place to hide from the rain. I am coming from a rainy country and few drops of rain never killed me, so I walked around checking out the busy outlets till I realized that my hair was completely wet 🙂 The set up was super big, including a basketball court, food court, the main stage, and many, many outlets, including the big brands like Dior, Puma, Kenzo etc. Also, there was the Cadillac in partnership with The Andy Warhol Museum, which presented the final exhibition of Letters to Andy Warhol. I guess I was expecting the museum a bit bigger but I had fun there too.

To wrap it up, if you didn’t make this year make sure you attend the event in 2018 as some pretty cool and rare footwear are on sale. Also not to mention, the customized items that you get from most of the shops.

IMG_1513 copy


IMG_1523 copy

IMG_1490 copy

IMG_1531 copy

IMG_1544 copy

IMG_1565 copy

IMG_1547 copy

IMG_1562 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1572 copy

IMG_1580 copy

IMG_1487 copy

IMG_1604 copy

IMG_1530 copy

IMG_1539 copy

IMG_1592 copy

IMG_1610 copy

IMG_1644 copy

IMG_1542 copy


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