Nicole is my flatmate. It was 5 o’clock. We were sitting in the kitchen, smoking, and looked bored. The weekend just started but it looked like a Monday. Outside was cloudy and windy but still hot. We went on the balcony. We lighted another cigarette. We contemplated at the city around us. Later on, i’ve […]

DIMIOURGIA ring series-Vika Tonu Design

Hi all! As promised earlier this week, this awesome post is dedicated to the amazing and unique ring series collection by Vika Tonu.see her page here:  When i first saw the collection, i immediately knew that the ring representing my zodiacal sign, is actually a reflection of myself as an individual. Therefore, the best thing to […]

DIMIOURGIA jewellery by Vika Tonu Design

  Soon this week! Dimiourgia ring series by Vika Tonu!  ‘Δημιουργία’ (n. gr. ‘Creation’) series explores the concept of individual/self, represented by symbols, having as a starting point the ancient Greek language, with its multiple correlations into alchemy, astrology and astronomy. On her own interpretation of the Greek alphabet, where each letter is represented by a […]